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Nero Had His Fiddle, Biden Has James Taylor

The new normal is pretty weird, man. On the same day the inflation report came out showing that inflation continued to weaken the country, Biden trotted out an aging folk singer to celebrate the passage of a multi-billion boondoggle climate change chicanery bill known as the Inflation Reduction Act. For some reason, Biden spent all day boasting about the passage of that bill. To mark the occasion, he promised a grand ol’ party (not the Republican kind) at the White House on Tuesday afternoon featuring James Taylor. Who has a party mid-afternoon on a work day? A group of government staffers and bureaucrats, that’s who. Taylor sang Fire and Rain and also used the occasion to spout off about climate change, placing the threat it poses on par with the Nazis and Axis Powers in World War II. “More than ever before, perhaps more than anything since the Second World War, the world needs to get together and respond to the climate crisis,” Taylor told the crowd of Biden staffers and reporters. It was almost as cringeworthy as his performance in France following the Islamic extremist attacks on Charlie Hebdo. At the request of then-Secretary of State John Kerry, Taylor sang “You’ve Got A Friend” in Paris. Awkward.


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