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Jonesborough TN Business Owner Builds Drivable Wooden Truck

A Jonesborough business owner has completed a very unique feat.

Paul Morin, the owner of Paul’s Pens Odds and Ends, created a drivable wooden truck. It was first driven on Tuesday, May 31, and was parked in front of his store, located at 105 1/2 Fox Street in downtown Jonesborough.

The truck took more than two years to create. Morin had a friend help with wiring and mechanical work, but did everything else himself. The truck body was built from scratch with no instructions or plans.

Morin plans to bring the truck back to downtown Friday after 5 p.m. for Music on the Square, Jonesborough’s live music series.

“It was a labor of love,” Morin states. “I did it for no other reason than just to see if I could create it.”

Paul’s Pens Odds and Ends contains unique handcrafted pens and household items all created in store by Paul Morin.


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