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Citizens of Lee County Virginia VDSS is aware of scam surrounding EBT and P-EB Cards

VDSS is aware of scam and phishing attempts surrounding EBT and P-EBT cardholders. LDSS should remind customers to protect themselves and their families by never providing personal information to an unknown or unsolicited source. VDSS and our Customer Service vendors & the local Department of Social Services will never contact cardholders via cell phone, text, or E-mail to ask for their card number and/or PIN.

If the client gave information to a caller & the scammers got their benefits - the client must first work with the store to try to get this issue resolved, then they call the EBT Customer Service Helpdesk, that is a 24/7 number.


LDSS should work with clients to help them understand their role and responsibility in reporting lost, stolen, or compromised cards.

§ When disputes happen, the cardholder should speak with the retail store manager or assistant manager to resolve the issue

§ If the cardholder cannot work out a solution with the retailer, the cardholder may call the toll-free Virginia EBT Client Customer Service Helpdesk at 1-866-281-2448 and file a claim

o Claims take approximately 10 business days for resolution

o Recipients will receive a notice once the EBT Vendor completes their investigation

§ Cardholder can file a police report with their local law enforcement agency

§ Last resort, a cardholder can utilize the appeals process which follows the same process as a SNAP appeal. The agency conference is required before the appeal office receives the appeal.

If you have any questions, please contact Lee County Department of Social Services SNAP Supervisor Sally Sexton 276-346-1010.


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