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Treatment Clinic Reps Revisit Jonesville Council

Representatives of Savida Health made a second appearance before the Jonesville town council on Monday night in their quest to establish a medication assisted treatment clinic within the town with the health group informed that their proposed location is 592 feet from Jonesville Middle School.

Sylvia White with Savida Health asked about the town ordinance requirements pertaining to medical clinics and schools with such an ordinance not in place. Council member Rebecca Hines said a state code refers to a half mile distance with White saying that for other localities the company has met requirements of 1,000 feet.

Town attorney Stephanie Chadwell explained that she understood the half mile distance to be a health department regulation if the clinic is prescribing methadone or an opioid addiction medication that is not approved by the FDA. White said they do not dispense medication and they utilize suboxone which is FDA approved. “So we do not fall under those requirements,” said White. Chadwell said there are no specific town regulations as far as facilities in relation to a school.

She said Salida would have to apply for a conditional use permit with the town council then voting on the permit request. If the council votes not to approve then the company Treatment Clinic Reps Revisit Jonesville Council could appeal to the town zoning board which could include a public hearing where community members could voice questions with the zoning board then voting on the matter. A second decline by the zoning board would allow the medical firm to go before the Circuit Court for a decision.

With no town regulation in place, Hines suggested that the state regulation of a distance of 1,000 feet from a school would be applicable with Chadwell offering an affirmative opinion.

Chadwell said Salida could still seek the conditional use permit with the town council using the state regulation as justification to vote against the proposed location. White said the company has not signed a lease at their initial property location and information gathered Monday night will aid them in further determining if a site in Jonesville can be accomplished.


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