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Tomorrow night, Lee High and Thomas Walker will play football in the regular season for the first time since 2016. In continuing with tradition, the schools have asked me to award the musket trophy to the winning team, which I am honored to do.

Here’s some history on the musket trophy…

The musket trophy was the vision of my father, George Cridlin. When Lee High and Thomas Walker scheduled each other for the first time in 2009, Dad came up with the idea of a traveling trophy to generate some additional excitement for the unique County rivalry. He not only wanted a trophy, he wanted a conversation piece. Something that each school would feel excited to play for and proud to win. We tossed several ideas around, but kept coming back to a musket. It just made sense for Generals and Pioneers to play for a musket.

So our office, Cridlin Law Office, commissioned the trophy and we became sponsors of the game.

We awarded the winning team the musket trophy each year from 2009 to 2016. As a traveling trophy, the winning team was entitled to keep the musket trophy and display it until the following year’s game. Since 2016, the teams have not played in the regular season and so the trophy has not been awarded. As Dad passed away in 2018, I will be awarding the trophy tomorrow night in memory of him and Cridlin Law Office.

Thanks to both schools for asking me to participate in carrying on the tradition.

Here are the results from previous matchups:

2009 - Lee High 28 - Thomas Walker 14 2010 - Lee High 36 - Thomas Walker 20 2011 - Lee High 53 - Thomas Walker 0 2012 - Lee High 34 - Thomas Walker 28 2013 - Lee High 47 - Thomas Walker 6 2014 - Lee High 48 - Thomas Walker 7 2015 - Lee High 55 - Thomas Walker 14 2016 - Lee High 41 - Thomas Walker 0

What will happen this year?? Come to Five Star Stadium and find out!


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