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Orange Car Good

President Joe Biden still loves gas-powered vehicles.
On Wednesday, the president flew the gas-guzzling Air Force 1 to Michigan for a tour of the 2022 North American International Auto Show at Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit, Michigan. The field trip was billed as an effort to promote electric vehicles. Once there, Biden promptly hopped into a brand new Chevy Corvette Z06. The Z06 is not an electric vehicle, but the president couldn’t help but express his gratitude for that all-American beauty. Right after revving the engine, the president remarked that he was going to drive the car home. In Detroit, the president tried out electrical vehicles like the Cadillac Lyriq all-electric SUV. He drove one down the arena’s blue carpet, and jokingly said to reporters, “Jump in, I’ll give you a ride to Washington.” “It’s a beautiful car,” he proclaimed. “But I love the Corvette,” he added in reference to the non-electric vehicle. Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said he was “interested” in bans on gas vehicles. For its part, the White House shared the image of Biden near the Corvette, claiming that the car is an “electric Corvette.” It isn’t. The tidbit is silly, but it’s also revealing. These people don’t even know the difference between a gas and electric vehicle, but want to tell the rest of Americans which car to buy? Give me a break.


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