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Manhunt Update 9/14/2023 Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons gives the following statement

Manhunt Update 9/14/2023

Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons gives the following update and statement:

​"I released an update yesterday stating that the subject in the manhunt had been confirmed to have left Lee County but that I could not provide anymore information because of the sensitivity of the investigation. I released this information to try to ease the minds of our Lee County citizens. In the Investigation we had learned that the subject may have possession of a cell phone and was monitoring social media in an effort to evade capture. We also spoke to an individual who had given him a ride to Union TN, this was also confirmed by video footage that was obtained that showed the subject clearly out of Lee County Virginia.

Law Enforcement agencies are following all tips and leads and we encourage anyone with information to call their local 911.

My number 1 priority is the safety of our Lee County citizens. We wish success to all the other Law Enforcement agencies that are working hard to capture the subject. Should there be any further information that needs to be put out that Lee County citizens should know then my office will provide those updates. I will also inform our Lee County citizens of an update when this manhunt subject is captured. Again I want to reassure the citizens of Lee County that you are safe and I want to thank you in understanding that we could only release limited information during the Lee County part of this manhunt."


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