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Lee Talk Radio Interviews President of Lee County Tobacco Festival

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The Lee County Tobacco Festival was established in 1949 to celebrate the harvest of the area's tobacco crop. It is the longest running tobacco festival in the state of Virginia. It is also Lee County’s oldest annual parade. This year we will celebrate the 73rd year of the festival. Throughout the years the festival was hosted by various community organizations, but beginning in 2012 a tax exempt 501 non-profit organization was formed. Friends of the Tobacco Festival was founded to preserve the the festival’s heritage and ensure its future continuance.

The Lee County Tobacco Festival takes place in downtown Pennington Gap. During the festival, Morgan Ave. East/West Alternate 58-421, South Kentucky Street, and Main Street are closed.

The parade starts at Pennington Middle School and ends at Lee Bank. Parade participants meet in the Pennington Middle School parking lot an hour before the parade.

Crafter's Alley is down Main Street, and artists can show off their homemade arts and crafts. Food vendors and a stage are set up in the Pennington Pharmacy parking lot, and bounce houses are located behind the Verizon store.


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