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The Lee County Sheriff's Office reported the Following activities for the month of September 2021:

Total calls received by The Lee County Dispatch Office for September was 5301.

Total calls Deputies responded to: 989.

There were 419 calls dispatched to the Fire Warden, Conservation Officer, VDOT, Juvenile Services, Department of Social Services, Animal Control, Virginia State Police, and the Towns of Jonesville and Pennington Gap Police Departments.

There were 306 Rescue Squad calls dispatched and 4 Ambulance calls.

There were 41 Fire Department calls dispatched.

Deputies escorted 18 funerals.

Deputies un locked 39 vehicles for the Citizens of Lee Co.

Deputies served 165 Felony and Misdemeanor Warrants, 171 Subpoenas, 13 Show Cause Summons and 307 Civil Papers for the three Lee County Courts. Deputies served 38 Protective Orders.

Deputies processed 71 people on 156+ charges.

Lee County Sheriff's Office executed 0 Search Warrants in September.

Deputies Traveled a total of 58,800 miles, with 5,001 miles on transports.

Deputies transported 1 juveniles, 1 Mental Health patients and 8 Prisoners from other jurisdictions.


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