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LCSO Sending Protective Vests To Ukraine People

Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons is shown with some of the bullet proof vests that will be sent to the people of Ukraine as part of a joint effort with DAAR Charitable Foundation.

Images of the fighting in Ukraine are shown regularly on news platforms with the valiant efforts of the citizenry often detailed in the broadcasts. Some help for the people of Ukraine is coming from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office with Sheriff Gary Parsons joining forces with DAAR Charitable Foundation to provide 24 bullet proof vests that were recently retired from the department.

Parsons said that the Board of Supervisors recently approved the purchase of 24 new vests to replace the decommissioned ones that had reached a “shelf-life” which is an usual practice in the united States. The Sheriff said the ballistic vests are in good condition and would be a great benefit to civilians such as doctors and medical workers as well as others who are serving on the front lines. He said that DAAR Charitable Foundation was coordinating a broad scope of humanitarian assistance for Ukraine which includes medical supplies and medicine, personal protective gear for civilian volunteers, food, shelter and more. Information is available on their website: about making donations. It also explains that the word “daar” translates as “gift” in the Ukranian language.


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