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Jonesville Rescue Welcomes a New Search, Rescue Canine

The youngest member of the Jonesville Rescue Squad is in training to assist the unit with search and rescue with Chase, a 16-week old German Shepherd puppy, currently undergoing instruction to prepare him for his duties. Devon Langley, 16, a member of the squad felt there was a need for a local search and rescue dog and he purchased Chase. “If you have someone who is missing and the temperature is cold well you don’t want to wait three to five hours for a search dog,” said Langley. He was a junior member of the squad for three years with his father, Chester Langley, serving as Captain. Both of them are conducting the daily training sessions with Chase with Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Mason Cook offering assistance. Devon said they have conducted mock searches for the young canine with Chase successfully locating his party each time. While currently at 30 to 40 pounds, Chester said the pup’s parents both weigh in at around 160 pounds and they anticipate Chase Jonesville Rescue Welcomes New Search, Rescue Canine will as well. Both Langley's agree that Chase’s easy disposition make him a good candidate for the training. And once fully trained he will be available to assist in search and rescue across the state. Chester said they acquired Chase in Danville, Tennessee with two of the dog’s siblings also being service dogs. When not at the Squad Building or training his dog, Devon enjoys hunting, fishing and other sports. He attends Thomas Walker High School and is eager to acquire his driver’s license.


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